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Alanis Morissette Sings “Ironic” To Modern Lyrics Portraying Our Time.

Few songs take me back to the 90s as vividly – or as happily- as rock star Alanis Morissette’s superhit “Ironic”. I remember how it played on the radio non-stop, making it impossible for anyone not to memorize the song’s fun and clever lyrics- and get hooked to its fun beat. But the Canadian singer has possibly outdone herself with a new- and quite different version of her song. She showcased it alongside talk show celebrity James Corden in “The Late Late Show”. But rather than crashing planes and no cigarette signs, the updated version refers to our digital contemporary world… Twitter, Facebook, and the like. The end result is simply hilarious, and needless to say the crowd loved it. So did about 3 million others – that’s the amount of views the clip has received since being posted on YouTube just three days ago! Isn’t it ironic?  

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