Autistic boy climbs on stage – floors the jury and puts entire audience in tears

Autistic boy climbs on stage – floors the jury and puts entire audience in tears

There are plenty of music TV programs around the world. Through them, we are often invited to witness amazing performances and hidden talents.

I especially love watching children on these shows. It’s so admirable to see their courage as they dare stand on the big stage and perform in front of so many — and not to mention witness a potential star being born.

10-year-old Calum Courtney is a happy boy with an angelic voice. Calum also has mild autism.

Although things are not always that easy for Calum, he never gives up. Despite his autism and young age, he refuses to give up on his passion in life.

Calum has always loved singing. He recently decided to audition on popular TV talent show, Britain’s Got Talent. His family were there to support him through the tough challenge.

When it was his turn to go, Calum cautiously walked up on stage and introduced himself to the stern jury. But would he manage to keep his nerves in check and manage to sing in front of the intimidating jury and huge crowd?

When one of the jury members asks Calum if he is nervous, he answers “no”. Judge Simon Cowell looks a little skeptical and Calum’s family watch anxiously nearby.

But as soon as the 10-year-old boy opens his mouth, the jury realizes they’re about to hear something very special.

As it turns out, Calum is a real star! Inside his little body is an incredible booming voice.

Listen to Calum’s performance in the video below. Make sure to watch till the end for the jury’s heartfelt praise — and see Calum’s face when he hears it. It’s hard not to be touched.

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