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Céline Dion Is Going To Do A Classic Hit. But Nothing Can Prepare You For Who’s Entering The Stage With Her.

“The King”, or Elvis Presley if you prefer, is one of the greatest singers there ever was. To this day, he’s still the artist that have sold the most records of all time with classic hits such as “Jailhouse Rock”, “Love Me Tender” and “Suspicious Minds”. He passed away 1977. He was 42 years old. But with the technology of today the possibilities are endless. And thanks to that, the producers of “American Idol” choose to bring Elvis back to life and let him do one last performance with another legendary artist: Céline Dion. In this video, Céline Dion enters the stage for an “impossible” performance with the man who was her idol. And it’s so amazingly good that I bemoan that they didn’t have the opportunity to do this when he was alive.  


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