Elvis made the song famous, but when Andrea Bocelli sings, tears roll down everyone’s cheeks

Andrea Bocelli is famous all over the world for his incredible opera singing — and the Italian artist is indeed a spectacularly talented man.

But despite his great musical talent, he does not appear excessively for the public.

Perhaps that’s why his magical interpretation of Elvis’ classic song, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, came as such a shock to this audience.

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With help from the band on stage, Andrea gives the song the love and energy that any Elvis classic deserves.

You could hear a pin drop in the room, the audience was in such awe of his performance. And when it’s over, they break into tremendous applause. 

“I’ve known that I was born to sing since I was a child,” Bocelli says.

Because he was born with a serious visual impairment and went completely blind after a football accident, music became a great deal of security for him.

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Andrea Bocelli has released 15 solo albums, featured in nine operas and sold over 80 million albums worldwide.

But this version of Elvis’ classic personally tops my list of my favorite Bocelli performance of all time!

Listen and enjoy!

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