“Hallelujah” begins to play – then 12 girls make a move and bring entire room to tears

There’s something about dance I’ve just always loved. I think it’s my favorite performance art — there’s just something about watching someone move their body to music that can’t be compared with anything else.

These 12 girls certainly prove just that.

Their performance blew me away from start to finish — and that’s why I just had to share. I think everyone deserves to see this.

The girls, part of the Whangarei Academy of Dance and Performing Arts’ (WADPA) senior group, line up on stage in pretty satin white outfits and sparkling headbands.

YouTube/WADPA Dance

As soon as the music starts to play, I am blown away. From their pretty outfits to exceptional grace, it all just ties in perfectly together. The fact that they are dancing to one of my favorite all-time songs, Leonard Cohen’s legendary “Hallelujah,” just draws me in even more.

These girls’ performance comes after months of practice, according to their dance school.

The New Zealand school says it focuses on their students’ well-being and passion for dance, and does its best to steer clear of the stereotypical competitive energy some dance schools have.

“We are all about dancing and encouraging the development of children. We are proud of the family-like environment at WADPA, encouraging everyone to follow their passion. We teach our classes with the aim to build up co-ordination, fitness, sense of rhythm, musicality and self-expression skills, but also life skills such as commitment and teamwork,” the school writes on its website.

YouTube/WADPA Dance

I think this approach comes out clearly in these girls’ performance. They all seem to be thoroughly feeling and enjoy every single second of their routine, and that’s what makes it so special.

YouTube/WADPA Dance

Watch their mesmerizing performance below.

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