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He Learned To Play Guitar On The Internet. Now Watch When The Judges Realize How Incredibly Talented This 14-Year Old Is.

In today’s world, you can figure out almost anything thanks to the Internet. Personally, I‘ve tried learning the guitar from various videos on YouTube, but the result hasn’t been anything I’d want to show my friends. I suspect I’m too old to learn as quickly as I’d like to, but I’m going to give it another shot and sign up for some online courses. For 14-year-old Jai Waetford, on the other hand, learning guitar wasn’t quite so hard. When he goes up on stage in the Australian edition of “The X Factor,” and says he’s only played the guitar for two years—and is also self-taught via the Internet—I don’t think the judges are expecting greatness. Which is why you should check out the judges when Jai starts his audition. What talent! But the fascinating thing is that Jai’s audition doesn’t end after one song. One of the judges is so taken with the performance, he asks Jai if he can sing a little song for just for him. Then, Jai sings a song he wrote—and the crowd go nuts.

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