Her rendition of a Bob Marley song hit Simon straight in the heart – watch and you’ll see why

There are a lot reasons I love watching shows like “The X Factor.”

Stories like 24-year-old Marianna Zappi’s is one of them.

For four years, she lived in an abusive relationship, where she was hurt both physically and mentally.

It all started when Marianna, who was born in Italy, moved to London almost 10 years ago. The man, who would soon become her boyfriend, lived in the same neighborhood.

At first, the couple acted like teenagers in love, and Marianna was floating on clouds. But soon, it turned into a nightmare.

“It came out of the blue. We had an argument over a bill. I asked him for help paying it and he slapped me in the face,” Marianna told the Sunday People.

Marianna lived in fear for four years, and once, her boyfriend even threatened her with a knife.

“If I hadn’t left him, I wouldn’t be here today,” said Marianna.

Because of the relationship, she couldn’t live out her dream of becoming a singer.

It was only when she left her boyfriend that Marianna dared audition for “The X Factor.”

The judges listened carefully to her life story, but they were unprepared for the emotional peformance they were about to experience when Marianna opened her mouth and sang the Bob Marley classic, “Redemption Song.”

Wait till you see Simon Cowell’s reaction to the Marianna’s performance—it speaks for itself…

I was both touched and teary-eyed when I heard Marianna sing, especially considering what she’s been through.

Big thumbs up for this talented 34-year-old. Let’s share her performance so that more people discover her incredible talent!

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