He’s Wearing Red Speedos. But When The Music Starts, Hilarious!

We unfortunately often care a little too much about what others think. We listen and follow others advice – instead of going our own way, and doing what we think is fun and taking life as it comes. But at the end of the day, we are beautiful and wonderful the way we are, no matter what anyone else might think or say. That’s why I think it’s so liberating to watch this man. He clearly doesn’t care about what the world might think of him – or his body. Instead, he grabs the tightest red speedos that he can find and starts dancing to the beat. You can see on his face just how much he enjoys doing what he thinks is fun. His pleasure was contagious – it made me so happy to watch this man, with his obvious humor, energy, and joy.

It’s so wonderful to see people doing what makes them happy, regardless of what others might think of them. I envy this man for his confidence and aloofness. Please share this video with your friends, and give them a little encouragement to take life as it comes.

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