Judge shakes his head when the 4 ladies take the stage – but their dance raises the roof

Michelle, Heather, Lynn, and Maxine are four beautiful ladies who know how to enjoy their golden years.

Together, this lovely bunch of women calls themselves “The Cocooners.”

Michelle is 63 years old, Heather, 70, Lynn, 80, and Maxine is 75 years old. But none of these ladies is about to let age stand in the way of their dreams.

The “Britain’s Got Talent” judges, however, were slightly confused when the group got up on stage and introduced themselves. But they were about to realize that these ladies had something extraordinary to offer.

The woman ripped off their drab “granny clothes” to reveal stunning gold body suits hidden inside. The Cocooners then burned up the stage with an irresistible tap dance number. And the audience and judges couldn’t help but cheer and clap along.

I know it’s a cliché to say that age is just a number. But it’s also an attitude that I think can inspire many of us as we get older. We should all do what we want and not worry so much about how things “should be.”

The members of “The Cooconers” are a perfect example of this. Please share their amazing performance on Facebook so that more people can discover these wonderful ladies!

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