Jury Thinks It Hears A Ghost Sing The Classic, But When They Turn Around… Incredible!

Many have tried, but few have ever been able to properly interpret Bob Marley. I’m personally a huge fan of the legendary Marley – I even had the great privilege to visit his home – transformed into a museum – in Kingston, Jamaica some years ago. He was know to be a humble, but outspoken man, and truly unlike any other artist that has ever lived. But apparently, at least when it comes to his voice and style, there is an exception by the name of Mitchell Brown Stockings who is so similar to Bob Marley, I nearly fell off my chair. When Mitchell auditioned in the Dutch version of The Voice in 2013, the jury and entire audience were sure they were hearing a ghost. Have a listen for yourself below!

Please share Mitchell’s incredible performance with all the Bob Marley fans you know out there – and even those who are less familiar with the iconic artist. Mitchell’s voice is so worth hearing either way. Strong>

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