Justin Timberlake’s Bubbly, Infectious New Music Video Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile.

What a Eurovision Grand Final we were treated to! And one of the highlights was when superstar Justin Timberlake lit up the stage with his performance of his number one single “Can’t Stop This Feeling” at half-time. The infectious song is getting people up off their feet all around the world and it’s already the obvious choice as the song of the summer. Now, the music video for the song has been released, and in only three days, nearly 8 million people have watched it, including me (about five times already today!). And when you watch it, you’ll see why. Just the music on its own is enough to put you in a good mood, but watching the video is like taking a bunch of happy pills. It’s that good! And you’re going to want to see who shows up and dance with him!

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