Little Girl Stuns Entire Restaurant With Her Incredible Singing Voice.

A Big Mac can taste pretty magical when you’re in the right mood. Still, McDonald’s isn’t a place where most people go to experience anything out of the ordinary. But this story shows that magic does happen, just maybe not in the kitchen…

Autumn Rae Shannon was eating with her mom at the famous hamburger restaurant when the little girl struck up a conversation with a stranger at the next table. Autumn suddenly felt the urge to sing. And much to everyone’s surprise, she belted out a stellar version of Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You.” And luckily for the rest of us, someone caught the moment on camera.


Not only did Autumn’s voice leave the other customers stunned that day, it also went huge on social media. My guess is that talent scouts around the world are trying to contact Autumn’s mom right now. Because this little girl can certainly sing!

Watch the clip here. It could become the start of something big for Autumn.

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