Matching Elvis sounds impossible – but watch 16-year-old David perfectly channel the King

With his unique voice and magnetizing charisma, Elvis Presley left a deep imprint on the history of music before he passed away in 1977.

Many singers have since tried to interpret the iconic singer’s songs, but it’s not easy. So music fans couldn’t believe their ears when they heard 16-year-old David Thibault’s eerily accurate interpretations of Elvis on YouTube.

To see if David could really sing, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres invited the teen onto her show—and David certainly convinced the audience and television viewers that Elvis lives on through him.

Just listen to this interpretation of the holiday classic “Blue Christmas.” So good!

Talk about amazing voice! And David was only 16 when this was filmed! Please share this clip with the all of the music lover you know who would appreciate a spot-on performance of Elvis like this.

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