Nervous teenager can hardly speak – then Simon chokes up when she does this

It’s not always easy being the center of attention. I remember how anxious I felt making a little presentation in my middle school class. But when 16-year-old Amy Marie Borg stood on stage at “Britain’s Got Talent” in front a huge audience and millions of television viewers, no wonder she was nervous!

The young girl from Malta could barely get out any words without her voice trembling. She was so anxious that the judges had to ask her if everything was okay. She admitted that she was super nervous — but she would still give it a try.

And that’s just what she did, and it was amazing.

After a little Q&A, it was time to sing. Since 16-year-old Amy Marie was so nervous, the audience did everything they could to help her get her started.

And as soon as Amy Marie started singing, she let go of everything. Inside that nervous teenager was a talented opera singer. Where did this come from?

Suddenly, she was completely in control and she delivered a powerful spotless appearance. There were tears, there were dropped jaws and there was Simon Cowell with a wide smile on his face. Then after she finished, there was applause, standing ovations and a 16-year-old Amy Marie who couldn’t keep his tears back. This, folks, is music at its best.

The actual performance starts about 1 minute and 10 seconds into the clip.

Amy Marie, if you’re reading this, you don’t need to be nervous — you’re an incredible talent!

Please show your support for this young girl. She’s going to be a star!