Police’s Spirited Hip-Hop Performance Wins Fans Around The World.

Police officers provide some of the most important services that professionals can offer their communities. Almost every day, they do their best to serve and protect while facing the unimaginable. So even though once in a while an officer or two will sometimes draw criticism, I think that the vast majority of police officers really deserves to be honored for all of the good work they do. Police work is stressful and not very conducive to showing your softer side, so it’s always great to see officers have fun and show us who they really are when they’re not forced to stay strong and protect us. The police officers in the video below are showing their true colors and taking the internet by storm at the same time. They hail from New Zealand and their exuberant hip-hop dancing has won the praise of hundreds of thousands of people. Take a minute and check out their dance. I promise you, you’ve never seen anyone do what they do in their uniforms!

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