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She comes straight from prison to sing Beyonce – now watch the jury when she opens her mouth

When prison officer Sam Bailey, 35, gets up on stage on The X Factor, she is immediately met with skeptic glances from the judges.

Her seemingly uncertain and somewhat boorish appearance does not seem to largely impress + and when she reveals her profession, the jury is downright stunned.

Sam works as a prison officer at a male prison, so as you can imagine, she has quite the thick skin…

Perhaps this is why Sam chooses Beyonce tune “Listen”- a notoriously difficult song that requires great talent.

Then out of nowhere, Sam reveals she truly is a talent to be reckoned with.

The judges’ reactions after her audition speaks volumes – no one had imagined the amazing talent she’d kept buried inside. 

“That’s exactly how that song is supposed to be sung, with passion, singing for your life,” one juror says.

Obviously Sam went on to the next round and that’s a given.

Sam is really powerful proof that you should never judge anyone by their profession. Pursue your dreams, no matter what preconceived notions people might have about you.

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