Street musician launches his song – but now watch when this woman completely takes over the show

Something I really enjoy is coming across talented buskers around town. Whether singing, dancing, or entertaining in some other form, it’s often great fun to come across street performers. 

It’s even more fun when a crowd gathers. You suddenly feel spoiled, like you’ve come across a cool, free show (though it is undeniably always nice to leave a little monetary thank you at the end!)

Some people — like the woman in this story — certainly are big fans of street performances.

Indeed, a video uploaded on YouTube on July 26 features an elderly woman having what can only be described as ‘the time of her life.’

As 22-year-old full-time street performer Borja Catanesi plays the guitar during a performance in Valencia, Spain, the woman begins to joyfully prance around, clearly enjoying the music. 

“This lady just passed by and suddenly started dancing,” Borja writes on YouTube. “She was there for around ten minutes, she was really kind.”

Have a look at both ‘performances’ for yourself below… and enjoy!

What a beautiful soul who just started dancing quite spontaneously. Don’t hesitate to share this article if you enjoyed her little free-spirited dance, too!

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