Teen skips school to see Springsteen – and gets invited onstage to play with the Boss

Skipping school is something that neither parents nor teachers usually appreciate, but this kid will probably be forgiven.

A couple weeks ago, Bruce Springsteen was playing in the boy’s hometown of Brisbane, Australia, and 15-year-old Nathan Test wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Nathan brought a big sign to the concert that said: “Missed school. In the shit now. Can I play ‘Growin’ Up’ with you?”

Nathan got near the stage and managed to attract Springsteen’s attention.

The Boss then invited Nathan up on stage, and they performed the song together before a packed stadium in Brisbane, Australia.

Springsteen also gave Nathan some tips on how to pose like a real rock star.

Not all rock stars would stop their set to make a teenager’s dream come true. But that’s why there’s only one Boss!

Watch the unexpected event here:

Skipping school to play with The Boss—now that’s what I call a memory of a lifetime!

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