The girl’s dolls are fighting about which Beatles song to sing, the result is like nothing you’ve ever heard

12-year-old Darci Lynne has become a household name thanks to American’s Got Talent. She has charmed both the audience and the jury with her ventriloquism.

But she hasn’t performed with two puppets at the same time — until now.

And the hilarious performance started off with her dolls ‘fighting’ about a classic hit song by The Beatles.

When we were first acquainted with 12-year-old Darci Lynne on America’s Got Talent, she brought a friend with her to the stage — the bunny Petunia. Together they sang the classic song ‘Summertime’ and took the jury by storm.

The second time Darci showed up, she brought her doll Oscar, a little mouse who was secretly in love with one of the jury members.

Darci Lynne has two talents, not only is she a great singer but she is also a really talented ventriloquist. She knows how to bring life to her puppets — and it has taken her all the way to the final stages of America’s Got Talent.

So, when she got up on stage on the latest episode, she brought not just one doll — but two! Something we had not seen before.

But straight away, as soon as they hit the stage, the dolls Oscar and Petunia began ‘arguing’.

They just simply couldn’t agree on who would sing the song of the evening, The Beatles classic, “With A Little Help From My Friends.”

Finally, after a little meddling by Darci, Oscar and Petunia agreed to sing the song together. And boy did they sing it.

The result has to be seen with your own eyes, it’s amazing! That Darci Lynne sure is a talented 12-year-old.

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