The man looks like he’s making a fool of himself – then the dog opens her mouth and everyone’s speechless

If there’s one place you can witness just about anything you can imagine, it would be on talent shows like “Britain’s Got Talent.”

But among all the strange, incredible and crazy numbers that have taken place on the “Britain’s Got Talent” stage, I would dare to say that there is one performance that outdoes most of the others.

I’m talking about the performance of Frenchman Marc Métral — and his cute little dog Wendy.

But the performance doesn’t get off to a great start…

When Marc Métral takes the stage on “Britain’s Got Talent,” he explains clearly that his dog Wendy plays an important part in the performance.

After that, he turns to Wendy, asks a question… but gets no response.

He asks again… but once again, no response.

The whole room goes silent. Métral is making a complete fool of himself — the whole thing is awkward and embarrassing.

After about 15 seconds — out of nowhere, everything takes a complete turn. The dog finally answers.

Simon Cowell and the other judges just sit speechless. The crowd is in total shock.

Wendy takes over the show completely — saying one thing after another. It gets to the point where she even sings a song.

You just have to see it for yourself to believe it. Watch the clip below!

The performance starts at about 1:45 into the clip.

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