This 81-Year-Old’s Musical Performance Is Spreading Like Wildfire.

81-year-old Bob Wood has become something of an internet sensation. It all started less than a year ago, when a music store in Nashville posted a clip of him playing the guitar from their store. Needless to say, the video really took off. Few had previously heard or known of Bob — nor of his magical talent with the guitar. Shortly later, one of Bob’s nine children, Melanie Wood Moody, told this US site that Bob, in fact had had a successful career as a musician, especially in the 70s. When the clip began to spread Bob certainly sent the public a clear message: he still has it. To live a long and happy life, I believe in following your heart and doing what you love. I was really moved to see Bob Wood, even at 81, still dedicated to his passion.

This guy rules. Mr. Bob Wood, ladies and gentlemen

Posted by British Audio Service on den 7 oktober 2014

Bob’s performance just knocked me off my feet. If it had the same impact on you, feel free to like and share this story so that more people can be inspired by Bob’s everlasting passion for music.

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