Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You water fountain show mesmerizes millions

Dubai, the shiny new city in the United Arab Emirates, has become internationally known for its innovation and advancements. One thing the city is particularly known for is its splendid fountain shows.

The Dubai Fountain is a choreographed fountain system set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake, located at the center of the city’s Downtown Dubai development.

It was designed by a California-based company, WET deisgn, which is also responsible for the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel Lake in Las Vegas. Illuminated by 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors, the fountain attracts thousands of tourists daily.

In this amazing choreography, the fountain ‘sings’ along with Whitney Houston’s iconic ‘I Will Always Love You’. It is by far my favorite show, and I absolutely wanted to share it with everyone. 

Have a look below – and enjoy!

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