7-year-old pageant queen with a six-pack defies age and expectations

The world of beauty pageants is competitive unlike any other, and the world of child beauty pageants is even more competitive! This seven-year-old pageant queen is going to blow you away at what she has achieved at such a tender age.

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Kynlee Heiman is not your average seven-year-old. She is a pageant queen who has been called a ‘beast’ by her own mother, who commented on her daughter’s drive. The gymnastics enthusiast also boasts a six-pack that most adults cannot achieve! She maintains her ‘toned’ body with a healthy diet and a rigorous workout routine. At the age of seven years old, this little girl has some serious aspirations when it comes to fitness.

Kynlee’s mom, Angel Heiman is very proud of her daughter and promotes her activities on Instagram. The little pageant queen and gymnastics enthusiast already has a big following on social media. She has had a six-pack from the age of three years old, according to reports.


She began her journey into the world of beauty pageants at just two years old. She had a natural flair for performing and commanding people’s attention. She also accompanied her mother to the gym, where her mom learned complex movements for cheerleading, and little Kynlee was surprisingly able to keep up!

But then the COVID-19 pandemic halted the world and disrupted daily life globally. During that time, little Kynlee turned to gymnastics. She began to train at the gym diligently and has her sights set on completing in the Olympics in the future!

Even though she has a busy training schedule and follows a strict diet, despite all of that, at heart she remains a child. Her mother makes sure that people know that her daughter is not just talented because of her hard work but also due to genetics as three of Kynlee’s siblings have the same muscular physique as well.

Her mother, Angel, prefers to drown out the detractors and focus on her daughter’s bright future instead. Angel would not be surprised if her daughter becomes an actress in the future, given her ability to command a room and her natural charisma!

While there are fans, there are also those who are less than impressed with Kynlee and her mom. She has received negative attention from people who think it is unnatural for a child to have such a physique. Concerned people, of course, raise valid points on how important it is for a child to be able to enjoy their childhood instead of having to adhere to strict diets and workout schedules. However, it is up to their parents on how they decide their child should live, which in Kynlee’s case means entering pageants.


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