A Stranger Manages To Lure A 13-Year-Old To A Park Through Facebook. All Parents Need To See This.

Sadly, you never know who lurks behind the screen. Tragic cases have already been documented in which adults pretending to be youth have lured and abused children. A YouTube video is now sending a loud message to parents: Their children may be too trusting online and are in fact vulnerable on social media. The video shows just how easily a predator can manage to lure a child online and potentially cause them harm. The social experiment features a man contacting several young girls through social media, posing as a teenage boy. The girls’ parents accepted that their daughters take part in the experiment and followed the process carefully. The outcome was terrifying. All girls, without exception, agreed to meet with the ‘teenage’ boy they met online. Everyone, especially parents, should watch this video. Together we can continue to spread awareness of online dangers. Here is the striking video which was viewed 8 million times in just a few days.

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