Abused puppy gets new owner – now watch when he turns around and realizes who it is

Poor puppy Mojo had no easy start to life. At four months old he was found abandoned, alone and starving, neglected and severely infected by scabies.

But thanks to a man named Joey Wagner, Mojo got a second chance… and that was something he would never forget. 

Joey Wagner works for animal rights organization Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society in Canada’s Nova Scotia province.

One day in 2013, his path crossed with puppy Mojo and the meeting tugged at Joey’s heartstrings. The poor puppy was in extremely bad health and had such bad sores that his whole body was like a single large scab.


Joey understood that he had to do something immediately.

He hurried Mojo to the vet where the puppy could be looked after and get the care he needed.

“The look he gave me, I knew he would live. So we did everything we could,” Joey Wagner told CBC.


The long road towards a happy life began.

Mojo made huge steps forward and his condition improved, but there was still a big challenge ahead.

Finding a new, loving home where the puppy could feel safe and loved.

Finally Mojo was ready to meet his new family — and the moment the puppy sees who has come to fetch him is just so wonderful.

His rescuer Joey stood right there — and judging by his reaction, the puppy had obviously not forgotten what Joey had done for him.

Now they’re finally back together again, and the kiss-and-hug attack from puppy to owner really makes me tear up.

Watch Joey och Mojos moving reunion in the clip below:

Today, Mojo is doing great together with his owner Joey and a loving family.

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