Amazon is selling a DIY tiny home that you can build in 8 hours

In just a matter of years Amazon has become everyone’s go-to place to shop for literally everything. You can find anything from food to vitamins to books to a tiny home on the marketplace.

But every so often one item in particular catches everyone’s eye and the item quickly sells out.

The product that everyone seems to be going crazy over now is the Allwood Solvolla Studio Cabin Kit. Yes, Amazon is selling a DIY kit to build your own tiny home.


The kit comes with everything, except the roof shingles and foundation materials, you’d need to build a 172-square-foot home and can be assembled in approximately eight hours.

The building, which can be utilized in a number of ways, as a shed, a getaway from the chaos in your house, or maybe even a tiny granny pod, features both an indoor and outdoor space.

When finished the indoor space is 86-square-feet with floor to ceiling windows and a sliding door. While the remaining square footage is devoted to an airy patio. Unfortunately it does not come equipped with electricity or indoor plumbing, but according to the seller, Allwood Outlet, both can be installed.


The DIY home costs $7,250 and according to the listing the kit will take at least 60 days for it to be delivered to your home. So, you have plenty of time to read up on how to build a home from scratch, though you don’t need to be a contractor to complete this project.


If the Solvalla model doesn’t suit your need, Allwood Outlet offers other models at various price points and varying square footage.

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