Army veteran sacrificed life to save others by holding door closed in hospital shooting – rest in peace

These last few days have been incredibly heavy for Americans. There has been a constant stream of news reporting mass shootings in various cities across the country.

The shooting that happened in Tulsa, left behind the legacy of a hero who saved lives not once but twice in his life.

73-year-old veteran William Love was one of the people who fell victim to the mass shooting which took place in Saint Francies on Wednesday. The veteran held a door close to help others escape the Natalie Building once the shooting started.

Love was accompanying his wife Deborah to the doctor’s office when the incident took place. He knew his wife would not be able to get out of the building fast enough to avoid the gunfire. So he made the ultimate sacrifice for her. He held a door closed so she and others could escape through another door and in the process he was fatally shot.

“He sacrificed his life for her,” is what his family communicated to the public through a statement to the Tulsa Police Department.

The couple had big plans for the coming years together. They have just bought an RV and had hoped to travel across the country together but sadly, this will no longer happen.

He was a veteran of the U.S. Army Veteran and retired as a First Sergeant. He served in one tour of Vietnam and had 27 years of service under his belt.

The gunman was a disgruntled patient who had had surgery in the hospital a few weeks ago. He had called several times for a follow-up as he was experiencing pain and wanted more treatment. He was called in for an appointment again according to the Tulsa Police but was left unsatisfied.

On the 1st of June, he purchased a semi-automatic AR15-style rifle. And had previously also bought a semi-automatic handgun.

The shooting took the lives of five people; four people at the hospital and the shooter himself. The shooter died after a self-inflicted gunshot.

Details of other victims have not yet been made public.

Such senseless violence. This is heartbreaking. Please keep William Love’s family and the families of others who lost their lives in this tragedy in your prayers.

Let’s home for more brave people like William Love in our world. We need them. Rest in peace.