Barbra Streisand feels “truly blessed” by her gay son whose dad couldn’t accept his sexuality at first

Barbra Streisand is nothing short of a living legend. Her voice is admired all over the world and she is beloved by millions. However, the actress plays another role in her life that people often forget; being a mother.

Barbra is a devoted mother to her son Jason Gould. She has truly proven that a mother’s love truly is unconditional.

Barbra Streisand is popular because of her amazing talents. But off-stage, she leads a normal life that involves doting on her only son. This past Mother’s Day, the queen of pop shared an endearing picture of her and her son. The duo has their hands intertwined with one another as they smile for the camera.

Her Instagram page is filled will dozens of pictures of her and her son. Showing their mother-son bond to the public. Streisand is not shy in showing the world how close she is to her son.

Jason was born to Streisand when she was married to Elliot Gould. He was born on December 29, 1966. Ever since he was young, he knew his parents were different.

Jason had never been a stranger to fame. When he was older, he gave an interview where he divulged details about growing up. He told the interviewer that his parents had been separated for as long as he could recall. He said that after their separation, he spent most of his time with his mother and hence shared a closer bond with her.

He said while his mother played a more active role in raising him, he still had a decent relationship with his dad.

As for his parents, they had met in 1962 when Streisand was auditioning for a role on Broadway.

She was auditioning for a play that Gould was the lead actor in and she had asked him to watch her audition. But Gould turned her down and said that he would see her when she got the role.

He was so sure she would get the role. Later when she did land the role, the couple met and began seeing one another. A year later, they got married and in 1966 they welcomed their son, Jason Gould.

In 1969, the couple went their separate ways, and two years after that, their divorce was finalized. Even with his parents divorcing, Jason was still used to fame.

Now Jason Gould has carved out a fanbase of his own, as he has a burgeoning music career. The singer is openly gay and while most people are well aware that he is gay, they are not sure when he came out of the closet.

The singer realized he was gay as young as eight-years-old. He said he was having a sleepover and hoped one of the boys he was sharing the bed with would touch him.

He said being gay when he was younger felt like an alienating experience because he felt alone. At the time, according to him, there weren’t many role models who were publicly gay to look up to either.

It took him a while to call himself gay because even after he identified as gay, he would have a crush on women every now and then.

He had his first sexual experience as a gay person when he was 16. But he lived in secret for a while but then finally decided to come out to his parents.

He was 21 when he came out to his parents separately. He said he suspected his mother already had an idea and hence he did not need to go into details about his sexual orientation.

But it was a totally different story with his father. He was completely shocked and believed it was a phase his son would soon grow out of.

But eventually, it became obvious to his father that this was not a phase. And he accepted his son as he was. Their relationship with one another also grew better.

And his mother, well she was already incredibly supportive. She wanted nothing more than her son to be his authentic self. Saying once, “I would never wish for my son to be anything but what he is, I have truly been blessed.”

Being the son of one of the most famous women on the planet comes with a lot of media curiosity around you. And to top that, Jason’s own music career further fuelled his popularity. And like any popular celebrity, he also had his name mentioned in the occasional scandal.

He was once rumored to have married a male model. Rumors he vehemently denied as having no basis in reality.

Much like his parents, Jason is also an entertainer however he chooses to fly under the radar and does not do a lot of commercial stuff. He also does not publish everything he creates, choosing to keep it for himself as he does not seek fame.

Perhaps his aversion to fame has to do with an incident he went through as a child where he and his parents were chased by paparazzi. This is an incident he has routinely talked about since it is something from his childhood that he remembers well.

His mother’s fame probably helped his music career however as he has worked with music producers such as Quincy Jones to release his music.

In the past, he did suffer when people befriended him to get closer to his mother but now he says he is a decent judge of who is genuine and who isn’t.

He now has no issues being publicly associated with his mother and has even joined her and performed on stage with her.

This mother and son duo has a bond that is unbreakable. Love really is unconditional between a mother and son, isn’t it!

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