Bully Victim Gets Unexpected Support After 217 Bikers Show Up At His Door.

10-year-old Niklas from Denmark has been the victim of bullying for as long as he can remember. It was beginning to feel like a hopeless situation. His mom, Josephine Hintze, tried everything to try to tackle the daily harassment he faced, but to no avail. She was desperate. That’s when she decided to seek help from a local Danish organization, “Bikers Against Bullies”. The name says it all. The next thing Niklas knew, 217 bikers were right at his doorsteps, offering to take him for the ride of his life — and take a clear stand against bullying. They rode around the city together and needless to say, the bikers made both his day and a very loud statement. This story certainly puts biker stereotypes to shame!  

Niklas describes some of the experiences he’s had at school.

“I’ve been punched and kicked. I think about it all the time. I’m scared and worried every morning, I wonder what will happen that day,” he told a local media channel.

His mother was heartbroken over the situation.

“It feels like no one really takes hold of the issue. Not the teachers and not the school management. We felt like we were hitting a wall and that we had to take things into our own hands,” she said.

That’s when she decided to contact “Bikers Against Bullies”.

The result: 217 motorcycles rolling up right in front of Nicklas house. The boy could barely stand still, he was so excited.

And off he goes ??????#mcmodmobning #stopmobning #friendsforlife

Ett foto publicerat av Josephine Ploug Hintze (@sofine_71)

“Bikers Against Bullying”, an initiative led by Susanne Friis Ejlersen, seeks to eradicate bullying in all its forms from Denmark.

“But it’s just normal people under the helmets who want to make a difference,” Susanne says.

Some of Nicklas’ new friends???#mcmodmobning #stopmobning #friendsforlife

Ett foto publicerat av Josephine Ploug Hintze (@sofine_71)

Nicklas on the front page of our local newspaper ?????????#mcmodmobning #stopmobning #lokalavisenegedal #thisishuge

Ett foto publicerat av Josephine Ploug Hintze (@sofine_71)

Watch Niklas on the ride of his life below:

… As well as the emotional encounter between the youth, his family, and the bikers in this news report (Danish).

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