Bus driver saves 5-year-old who isn’t wearing shoes or a jacket from the freezing cold

Every once in a while, you come across something that gives you a bad feeling in your stomach. Often, you tell yourself it’s nothing and go about your day. And usually it does turn out to be nothing.

But sometimes, something really is wrong. So instead of looking away and moving on, it’s a good idea to gather your courage and find out what’s really going on.

That was exactly what bus driver Denise Wilson did—and in doing so, she most likely saved the life of a five-year-old boy.

It was an ordinary night driving the city bus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The clock struck midnight and it was time for bus driver Denise Wilson to take a break. She coonsidered skipping it, but at the last minute, she decided to pull over and stretch her legs.

“At first I thought I wasn’t going to stop. I’m just going to keep going to get the night done with, but then I was like ‘oh, stop, stretch a little bit, get some air,'” Denise Wilson told Fox News.

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Luckily she did, because while Denise standing on the sidewalk, she heard a strange noise.

She thought she heard someone crying and running up the street, so she ventured out in the dark street to investigate.

And she soon got a big shock.

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There in the freezing cold, Denise discovered a five-year-old boy who wasn’t wearing shoes or a jacket.

She acted as fast as she could. She gave him her jacket and then called the police.

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Next, Denise brought the little boy across the street to a gas station, where someone gave him a shirt.

Denise bought him some food and brought him back onto the warm bus until the police arrived.

“I tried to buy some snacks and calm him down and put him at ease. I asked him if he was still cold, and so I put my jacket around him and wrapped him up—wrapped him to get warm,” Denise Wilson told Fox News.

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When the police arrived, they filled Denise in on what happened. It turns out, the whole thing was an accident.

The boy had disappeared from home and was reported missing. But thanks to Denise’s good-hearted effort, the boy’s worried parents got their child back.

Watch a video of the event here:

Thanks to this wonderful bus driver, the boy was reunited with his parents.

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