Grandmother of Uvalde gunman released from the hospital one month after school massacre

A grandmother who was shot in the face by her grandson before he walked into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas and killed 21 people has been released from the hospital.

University Health in San Antonio shared the news Tuesday morning. One more victim remains hospitalized, a 10-year-old girl whose conditioned was recently upgraded to “good.”

As previously reported, the accused shooter Salvador Ramos shot his 66-year-old grandmother, Celia Gonzalez at her home before driving to Robb Elementary.

A neighbor who lives across the street claims moments after Ramos drove off his with his grandmother’s vehicle, Gonzalez ran out of her house with blood on her face yelling, “look at what he did to me!”

“She was delirious and in obvious pain,” Gilberto Gallegos told The Daily Mail. “Celia then said to me: ‘Look at what he did to me!’ She never mentioned his name, but my wife and I knew who she was talking about, her grandson, Salvador.” 

GoFundMe/Uvalde Shooting Victim Celia Gonzales

According to Gonzalez’s husband, Rolando Reyes, a bullet pierced her jaw and upper cheek. The damage it caused required multiple reconstruction surgeries.

A GoFundMe was set up to help the family cover any medical costs not covered by insurance.

After shooting his grandmother, Ramos went on to kill 19 children and two teachers. He remained inside the elementary school for more than an hour while authorities waited outside. Once US Border Patrol entered the building the suspected shooter was shot dead.

It is impossible to believe it’s already been a month since one of the worst school shootings in the US. While I’m glad the physical wounds are healing, I know the mental and emotional ones will take even longer.

Let’s remember to keep all of the victims in our prayers as they continue to grieve and recover.