Champagne Company Creates The Best “Food” Truck Ever And Sends It To Sweden For The Summer.

In whatever city I visit these days, it’s hard to walk more than a couple blocks without seeing a few food trucks. They’re everywhere and they don’t just serve hotdogs and hamburgers anymore. Some of these trucks have gone positively upscale. And it’s understandable, especially as summer approaches. I mean, wouldn’t rather enjoy your lobster roll or Korean fusion bowl outside on a beautiful downtown sidewalk than in a stuffy, overpriced restaurant? So when I saw this truck in Stockholm, Sweden, I got kind of jealous. I’m pretty sure the liquor laws in my town wouldn’t allow it, but if they did, I’d follow it on Twitter and chase it down the street like a kid running after the ice cream truck. Yes, I’m talking about the champagne truck…

The French champagne company Veuve Cliquot has invented the champagne truck and it’s touring Sweden all summer long. Lucky Swedes will be able to find it at restaurants, corporate events, and private parties—which means people can rent it! Wouldn’t that be perfect for a neighborhood block party?

champagne truck


The champagne truck will serve ice-cold champagne and of course there will be elegant cafe tables and umbrellas to enjoy your favorite fizzy drink. I can picture myself there now!

champagnetruck stockholm


Do you also think life gets a little bit better with a glass of champagne in hand, no matter where you are? Share this and (hopefully) inspire the food truck operators in your town to start serving the bubbly!

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