Classic Midwestern restaurant promises to revamp all 300 of its locations with ‘vintage fresh’ look

In order to stay ahead of Americans’ current dining out habits, yet another restaurant chain has announced their intentions to switch up not only their name, but their look and menu.

During the coming weeks, Perkins will rebrand itself as Perkins American Food Co. The company will also update its menu and redesign its nearly 300 locations across the United States.

Perkins started out as a pancake house in 1957. The following year the chain became a franchise.

At its height, the family restaurant and bakery operated more than 400 locations, mostly in the Midwest. In June 2011, dozens of locations were closed without warning, and later that month the restaurant’s parent company filed for bankruptcy.

The company closed several more locations in 2012 and in 2019. Currently, they have about 300 locations.

Jonathan Weiss /

After two years of sky-high prices, the company has recognized consumers are looking for something new, different, and hopefully cheaper.

While McDonald’s serves a $5 Meal Deal and Cracker Barrel announces significant changes, Perkins plans to evolve as well.

The restaurant’s rebrand will feature an “Americana vibe,” Perkins President Toni Ronayne told CBS MoneyWatch. Locations that were once 6,000 sq ft might be a thing of the past as the company looks to invest in locations smaller than 2,000 sq ft.

“Guests are really looking forward to an opportunity to enjoy American classics — they want a piece of nostalgia,” Ronayne said. “It’s a slice of yesterday in a place that feels like today.”

Perkins has plans to debut new menu items like a double bacon avocado crunch burger that will feature their new proprietary burger seasoning. The restaurant chain also hopes to use more of their bakery items with their meals.

“Consumers are definitely concerned around value and how they are spending their money, and they are wanting to make sure they are heaving the right experience and stretching their dollars as much as they can.”

The first revamped location will open in Orlando, Florida later this year.

Are you excited for this new version of Perkins? Let us know in the comments section.


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