McDonald’s unveils details of its $5 meal deal, but are you lovin’ it?  

On Thursday, McDonald’s revealed its highly anticipated $5 meal deal.

Earlier this year the fast food giant came under fire after the receipt from a location in Connecticut went viral for its “outrageous pricing”. Ever since, the company has been working to find ways to win back its customers.

Beginning June 25 and lasting for a limited time, McDonald’s will sell a “$5 Meal Deal” that will include: a McDouble cheeseburger a McChicken sandwich, small french fries, 4-piece chicken nuggets, and small soft drink.

“We heard our fans loud and clear — they’re looking for even more great value from us, and this summer that’s exactly what they’ll get,” McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger said in a statement.

The fast food chain also announced that customers would be able to receive a free medium french fries on “Free Fries Friday” when they make a minimum $1 purchase.

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McDonald’s deal comes on the heels of several viral posts claiming the price of a Big Mac has significantly increased in the past several years.

“The average price of a Big Mac in the US was $4.39 in 2019,” Erlinger stated. “Despite a global pandemic and historic rises in supply chain costs, wages and other inflationary pressures in the years that followed, the average cost is now $5.29. That’s an increase of 21% (not 100%).”

Will the $5 Meal Deal bring you into a McDonald’s? Or would you rather spend your $5 elsewhere?


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