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Cop Finds A Note On His Dashboard. Now His Important Response Is Spreading By Thousands.

Police have an important duty to fulfil. They must establish peace and security for everyone in society. One officer had this in mind when he recently parked right by the entrance of a restaurant when he and his partner stopped to have lunch. When the cops returned to their patrol car, they discovered an ironic note on their dashboard. It read, simply: “Hope the food was good! Park correctly next time!” :)” – One of the cops present, Officer Petter Götesson, later felt compelled to respond… so he took to Facebook and did some ‘explaining’ in a post that has since gone viral. Read more below.

After his post went viral, Officer Petter Götesson told local media:

“We’re certainly not angry at the person who wrote the note. It was a poignant and well-intentioned. And we realize that we can’t ask the entire public to know exactly why we do the various things we do, when we do.”

Earlier he felt compelled to react to the note left on his dashboard and took to Facebook to voice his thoughts. Here’s what he wrote:

“Dear citizens: this note was left on our police car dashboard today around lunchtime when my partner and I stopped for lunch. It’s certainly not out of laziness that we parked our patrol car as close to the entrance as possible. Parking in this way actually fills a few different purposes.

First, we know that citizens appreciate seeing and noting our presence in various areas and places, among other reasons as they recognize that police presence could be an effective crime preventer.” Officer Götesson wrote.

“But the biggest reason is that we, like many others, have our ‘breaks’ and ‘lunchtime’ included in our work. Being able to quickly throw ourselves into our police car and drive away, hungry or not, is part of our daily life.”

On the particular day the anonymous citizen left the note on the car, the officers in fact had such a situation – they were called for an emergency and had to leave the restaurant 10 minutes after they’d arrived. They ended up heating up food in a microwave several hours later. That was lunch.

“We received a call for an emergency soon after you left your nice message on our car. The emergency happened to be one in which we helped rescue a little girl in danger – and every second to get there counted. Maybe it was your daughter?”

Here is Officer Götesson’s original Facebook post (in Swedish) along with a photo of the actual note left on their car.

Bäste medborgare som satte fast denna lapp på vår polisbil på Center Syd idag kring lunch. Det är absolut inte av…

Publicerat av Petter Götesson den 17 februari 2016

I think Officer Götesson makes a very good point. I had never thought of it that way but will certainly share this so more can be aware and remember the important work police do for us, every day.

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