Custom drive-thru helps truckers stay fed while keeping them safe

Our whole lives have been turned upside down in the wake of this global pandemic. The little things that we all took for granted such as seeing a friend or grabbing a coffee is now restricted and we’re all feeling the strain.

Those essential workers such as truckers that don’t have a choice to stay at home and limit their exposure to this potentially deadly virus, are keeping our world going and we should do all we can to help them.

We no longer have the option to go to a restaurant so more of us are having to pick up our food at a drive-thru but some truckers are even finding that a challenge.

truck drivers

One Sonic Drive-In in Arkansas wanted to make sure any truckers that passed through would be able to stop and get a meal and the idea is being shared across the nation.

Normally, most truckers would drive by Sonic knowing their vehicle wouldn’t fit in the stall so Sonic decided to set up a special area to make sure these essential workers are well fed.

Reach the truck drivers

The restaurant in Fordyce has a normal stall for cars and smaller trucks as well as a separate area for trucks pulling trailers and an area for 18-wheelers and buses.

Bosses even installed steps so staff can reach the truck drivers to hand them their food while following all safety procedures to keep everyone safe.

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Sonic boss Ricky Davis who planned and oversaw the changes with his son Scott said the response had been incredible.

“When we first opened, we posted a photo on social media and it had hundreds of shares and comments from all over the country. Whether our guests are locals or just driving through, we are a community-driven business and we strive to take care of all our guests.”

This Sonic is significant because truckers don’t have to get out to order food and so are limiting their contact with others keeping them as safe as possible, doing the important job they’re doing.

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Truck drivers are ensuring all our basic needs are met at our local stores which is currently more important than ever.

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