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Dad Gets Caught Driving Drunk With Kids In The Car. What The Cops Did? This Warmed My Heart.

If there’s one thing that I fail to understand, it’s drunk driving. It just seems like the worst possible way of injuring yourself – and even more importantly, others. It’s selish and just the thought of it drives me up the wall. There’s only one thing that could be worse: driving drunk – with kids in the car. That leaves me beyond words. Unfortunately, it is just what I recently read about: a father driving drunk, with three cold and hungry children in the car. However, before the images of that horrible situation could overwhelm me, the story took on a much, much more positive twist. And it’s all thanks to these arresting officers.

The dramatic series of events unfolded in New Mexico, USA.

When the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department officers apprehended the offender, they immediately noticed that there were others in the car. To their shock, they found three young children – and even one infant. Deputies Roger Garcia and Sam Rodriguez arrived on the scene and soon discovered they were aged 5, 2 – and just 2 months.

Photo: Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook


They were shocked to see that the infant was not even buckled in. In addition, all three kids were starving and very cold.

They were outraged by the situation, but knew they had to remain calm – for the sake of the kids.

Three additional officers soon arrived on scene to deal with the offender. That’s when Deputies Garcia and Rodriguez fatherly instincts kicked in. And soon, the two grown men were engaging in certain behaviors quite outside their usual routine… This included bottle feeding, and changing diapers.

“Thank you to Deputies R. Garcia and S. Rodriguez for caring for an infant that was inside a drunk driver’s vehicle!” the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department wrote on their Facebook wall, following the incident.

Using his flashlight, Deputy Garcia mixed baby formula using a cold water bottle and the car’s heater. Meanwhile Deputy Rodriguez fed the toddler boy on the side of the road. Together, they changed their dirty diapers.

Photo: Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook

cop 2

When Deputy Rodriguez’s wife saw this photo of him so gently feeding this child, she told him “Honey, it’s time to start a family.”

Photo: Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook


Take a look at the rescue in this video.

I’m so glad this ended ok for the children before they could be seriously injured. I just really hope that everything works out for them. Please share this story if you think these cops are just great!

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