Doctor collects over 600 tablets for coronavirus patients to communicate with loved ones

Coronavirus patients are dying alone and, unfortunately there’s very little that can be done to unite them with their loved ones during their final moments.

Doctors and nurses have done their best to keep family members updated on their loved one’s condition through technology, but still nothing replaces a hug.

Ee Tay, the chief of the pediatric emergency room at NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue in New York, knew this was a problem. She had heard stories of colleagues “out of desperation” using their personal devices so patients could say goodbye to family members.

But in a hospital where staff were spread thin, not everyone was able to say goodbye. Tay wanted to do what she could to change that so she asked for something special on her birthday.

Gepostet von Ee Tay am Mittwoch, 8. April 2020

She asked people to donate tablets they weren’t using anymore so patients could stay connected to their family.

Her friends heard her call for help and fulfilled her birthday wish.

Gepostet von Ee Tay am Mittwoch, 8. April 2020

“You all opened your hearts and poured your generosity into my requests by sending me what you could. I received so many tablets, both new and used, which will help heal and ease the pain when patients are in the hospital,” she wrote on Facebook.

Not only was Tay able to collect 150 tablets, but she surpassed her goal and with friends’ help she collected over 600 tablets!

The tablets went to Bellevue Hospital and other local hospitals. As for the extras, Tay said she plans on loaning them to patients’ families who may not be able to afford the technology.

Gepostet von Ee Tay am Mittwoch, 8. April 2020

“I am grateful to all of you who gave unconditionally to help our patients during this difficult time in New York City. From the bottom of my heart, a million times THANK YOU!!!”

This is so awesome! It’s heartbreaking to think that people are unable to communicate with their loved ones while they’re in the hospital.

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