Doctors Didn’t Listen To Ill 6-Year-Old’s Mom So She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands And Found A Cure.

As a parent, there’s nothing worse than watching your child struggle against a disease. You feel helpless and just want the child to feel better, whatever the cost. So I can only imagine how mother Debbie Maddalena Saunders felt. Her 6-year-old son, Tyler, was in excruciating pain due to eczema all over his body, but still, doctors wouldn’t listen. In the end, the mother decided to take matters into their own hands—and she found unexpected help on the other side of the world. Now, Debbie is reaching out to other parents in similar situations so that they can know that there’s hope in the fight against this tough disease.

Tyler was only eight months old when eczema broke out. As the years passed, it only became worse until finally, he couldn’t sleep, play, or go to school. The pain was just too much. And Tyler cried day in and day out because of the large wounds on his skin.

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But doctors didn’t listen and didn’t understand Tyler’s pain when his mom, Debbie, explained the boy’s problems. So she was forced to film her son’s heartbreaking tears, screams and agonizing suffering. It didn’t matter which treatment Tyler received—nothing worked.

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In the end, the mother took matters into their own hands, determined to single-handedly find some kind of cure for her 6-year-old’s pain. And one day, she saw it—a Facebook post from a dermatologist in South Africa.

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Debbie was skeptical at first but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. She decided to test dermatologist Richard Aaron’s $35 skin ointment. Tyler had to smear his whole body with the ointment and things soon began to change.

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And incredibly, within three months, Tyler’s whole body was free of eczema!

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Thanks to the miracle ointment, Tyler’s pain was gone, and he could now play, go to school, and be in public.

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Now, the boy is dancing and collecting money in the streets—and he donates a large part of what he gets up to the dermatologist’s work, so that more children can be cured by similar problems.

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It took time and it required a solution from the other side of the planet, but finally, Tyler was healed. In this video, Debbie tells of her son’s transformation and lets other parents know that there is hope.

To learn more about the Doctor Richard Aaron’s work, visit his Facebook page.

I’m so glad that everything worked out for Tyler and that he finally feels better. Please share this article with your friends so more people can read about the boy’s incredible transformation!

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