Doctors remove her intestines at 16 – 7 years later, her pics amaze everyone

Am I beautiful just the way I am? It’s a question I often ask myself.

I think it might be because reality is shaped through Instagram and Facebook these days. And it seems like more people than ever are trying to live up to the perfect images all around us.

But fortunately, there are people like 23-year-old artist Saskia Frietsch, who want to upend this trend.

She was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disease when she was 16. Doctors removed part of her intestines and ever since, she’s had to live with a pouch on her stomach.

At first, it was difficult for Saskia to cope.

“When your body looks a little different, it can sink your self-esteem,”Saskia told the German site Bento.

Two years ago, Saskia was persuaded to be photographed in a studio.

The session changed her life.

“I felt beautiful and I really enjoyed it.”

Saskia believes that the scars on her stomach tell a story.

Because she’s an artist, she launched “Project Unlimited” on Instagram. She posts photos of people who share a similar life story to her.

The results? I’m amazed!

This is art!

Saskia initially photographed these beautiful people as a kind of therapy. She wanted to recreate the good feeling she had previously had being photographed.

Instead, her art project has also inspired countless others.

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