Edie Ceccarelli, becomes America’s oldest living person, as she celebrates her 116th birthday

The oldest person in the United States has turned 116 years old.

On Monday, February 5, Edie Ceccarelli turned 116 and became the second oldest person in the world, according to the Gerontology Research Group.

Ceccarelli grew up in the town of Willits, California, about three hours northwest of Sacramento.

She was one of seven born to Italian immigrant parents on February 5, 1908. She graduated from Willits High School in 1927. In 1933, she married Elmer “Brick” Keenan, and the two moved to Santa Rosa where they adopted a daughter.


The family stayed in Santa Rosa until the early 1970s when they moved back to Willits. After Brick died in 1984, Edie remarried. Her second husband, Charles Ceccarelli, died in 1990.

Edie lived alone until she was 107 years old. It was only then that she moved into an assisted living center.

Ever since Edie turned 100, she’s invited the community to help her celebrate, and this year – a major milestone – was no different.

On Sunday, the day before her birthday, members of the community participated in a car parade. Edie was also treated to a birthday cake, carrot cake to be exact.

She got very excited when she learned the cake would be carrot cake,” Perla Gonzalez, one of Edie’s caretakers said. “She said, ‘Oh really, honey?,’ and lit up.”

“Every year at her birthday, we make sure she knows how special she is,” lead parade organizer Suzanne Picetti told USA TODAY.

Happy birthday, Edie!

Please share and send your birthday wishes to Edie.


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