Everyone rejects boy with Downs syndrome – then girl ask him out and gets thanks she’ll never forget

Daniel Rivas, who was born with Downs syndrome, was desperate to go to his highschool dance.

The 17 year old asked a few of the girls at school, but got rejected by everyone.

Then Kylie Fronius asked him to go with her, and turned the school dance into an unforgettable evening for both of them.


17 year old Daniel Rivas, asked a girl to his school dance, but got rejected. He was upset, but suddenly he got the surprise of his life. Kylie Fronius heard that Daniel was looking for a date to the school dance and decided to ask him. When Daniel got the question, he lit up like a ray of sunshine.


Kylie was looking forward to going to the dance with Daniel.

“I don’t think kids with Downs syndrome are different. They’re just normal kids who learn in a different way,” she told Fox5.

Kylie’s kind gesture spread quickly across the internet and soon reached local news channel Fox5, who decided to surpise the pair. The TV show’s “surprise squad” went to the school dance and gave them a surprise they’ll never forget.


Kylie and Daniel had just posed for their pictures and were ready to get into the car to travel to the dance. Then Fox5 gave them an exclusive ride in a Rolls-Royce. But that wasn’t all: there would be a detour on the way to the dance…


The surprises didn’t stop

The car stopped by an exclusive restaurant, where Daniel and Kylie, together with the boy’s mom, were treated to dinner. The mom was moved by the TV show’s kind gesture.

“I normally walk past here, but never thought I would be able to come here or bring my kids here,” she told Fox5.

Kylie and Daniel had an unforgettable time at the dance. But the surprises didn’t stop there. The TV show and their “surprise squad” paid for a trip to Disneyland for Kylie, Daniel and their families. And not just that! The owner of car company United Nissan, who was also involved in the surprise, awarded Daniel a USD $10 000 scholarship, so that he can afford to go to college.

Now his dream of becoming a chef can really come true!


It’s impossible not to be moved by this beautiful story!

Now Daniel can look forward to going to college and doing what he loves. Share this article on Facebook to share this happy ending with all of your friends. 

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