Family discovers an abandoned hospital – what they find inside creeps out the internet

There’s something fascinating about abandoned buildings. Most people’s first thought is usually to stay away because abandoned buildings pose a risk to enter. A number of things could go wrong, after all.

But despite this, there are also those people too curious to stay away.

Darryl Moran is a photographer who specializes in discovering and documenting abandoned buildings. Back in 2012, he visited an abandoned hospital in Jeannette, Pennsylvania and the images he took there sent shivers through my entire body.

And particularly scary is that he found inside the morgue…

The hospital was closed in 2006 and no interested buyers were ever found. The city of Jeannette, Pennsylvania spent more than $25,000 a year to keep intruders away.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

But that was a small price to pay compared to the $2 million it would cost the city to demolish the hospital and rehabilitate the site…

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

Jeannette, a suburb of Pittsburgh, long had problems with the hospital, with vandals setting fire to the building several times.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

Many people in the community lobbied the authorities to do something about the safety hazard—and they wanted someone to finally take responsibility for the abandoned site.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

Locals were concerned about the potentially dangerous environmental waste trapped inside.

There were even rumors that radioactive material still remained in the hospital.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

Because the building was unguarded, anyone could go inside and take the medications still on pharmacy shelves.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

Both needles and controlled substances remained there for the taking.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

In 2012, photographer Darryl Moran entered the hospital for the first time, but he returned several times to photograph the site.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

Originally, Darryl only intended to shoot the outside.

But he soon discovered how easy it was to enter the building.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

The authorities had hoped that one or more investors would buy hospital and redevelop the land, but for years, no one stepped forward.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

Thus, the site stood unchanged until March 2016, when it was finally razed.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

Before then, though, anyone who dared enter could view all of the creepy things waiting to be discovered inside.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

The morgue, for example…

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

Both Darryl’s wife and son were with him the first time he went inside.

But they thought it was too creepy and quickly left.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

This place must have been both fascinating and frightening to explore…

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

There were medical records and even boxes of old tissue samples, according to Darryl.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

The Monsour Medical Center originally opened in 1952 by Howard, Roy, Robert, and William Monsour.

In the beginning, it was a small clinic, but soon, the family expanded the facilities into create a full hospital.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

But I hardly think that this was what the founders had in mind for their hopsital.

Facebook / Darryl W. Moran

Although the place was incredibly fascinating, thankfully, it was demolished in March 2016.

YouTube / WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

And finally, local residents got to witness a sight they had been waiting for years to see.

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