Family of 8-year-old with autism ask for birthday cards after years of nobody showing up to his parties

As parents there’s nothing worse than seeing our little ones upset, not understanding why the world can be such a cruel place.

I don’t know about you, but when my sons and daughters were young, I always did my utmost to ensure that their birthdays were truly special occasions.

Obviously birthdays should always be celebrated, but for me it was important to give them at least one day a year when they knew the world would quite literally stand still for them. That meant big parties, lots of love, and being surrounded by the people they cared for – and who cared for them – most in the entire world.

Which is perhaps why the story of an 8-year-old boy named Austin from Atlanta, Georgia really pulled on my heart strings …

According to reports, Austin has had several birthday parties where no one has showed up – now, his family are desperately trying to rally the troops so that it doesn’t happen again.

Austin’s aunt, Bri Sosebee, said: “My nephew turns 9 on September 14th. Last year, he didn’t have anyone show up to his birthday party.”

What’s more, Bri revealed that Austin is autistic, and so the idea of people not turning up to celebrate his birthday isn’t an easy one for him to process.

“He is a little discouraged that people don’t think of him. He is Autistic and doesn’t understand,” said Bri.

The boy’s mom, Amber Sosebee, added: “He is a playful, sometimes moody kid and he has a big heart.”

“People tend to bully him at school, no one wants to show up to any of his events,” said Bri. “Every kid deserves to be loved and he deserves to have friends show up.”

This year, the Austin’s family is asking strangers from all over the state of Georgia to help them give Austin a birthday to remember. They’re openly asking for birthday cards to remind him that he is loved.

“Maybe a few birthday cards and he would realize there are others who actually want to send him something, who actually care,” Bri said.

Anyone wishing to send a birthday card to Austin for his eighth birthday should send it to: 7830 Smith Farm Road in Cumming, Georgia.

Wow! I hope Austin has the very best birthday this year. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for his family.

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