Father gets to see his daughter for the very first time – then camera captures the unexpected reaction

When a child is born and welcomed into the world, there’s no other way to describe it than as life’s biggest miracle.

A tiny individual makes their entrance, and with the guidance of their parents, will eventually forge their own path in life.

Yet, the journey leading up to a child’s first glimpse of daylight can wind through many unexpected avenues….

As Amanda Renee prepared to give birth to her and Brett Sills’ daughter, the air was charged with a myriad of emotions. Anticipation mingled with nervousness when they thought about how everything would unfold, and when they wondered about the well-being of the little life about to make her big debut.

To immortalize the moment their little bundle of joy arrived, the couple was photographed as their child came into the world.

And now, the father’s reaction to the birth has ignited like wildfire across the internet…


Across our magnificent planet, new children are welcomed every single second.

The notion that hundreds, even thousands, of little lives make their entrance into the world each day is nothing short of mind-boggling. New individuals, each with their own unique personalities and appearances, destined to mature into adults one day.

Indeed, birth is unquestionably life’s grandest miracle. Though, as we’re well aware, anything can happen during childbirth.

For nine months, parents wait and yearn for that moment the little bundle will arrive and nestle into their arms.

They’ll have the opportunity to nurture their precious daughter or son, guiding them into becoming kind and thoughtful individuals.

And not too long ago, Brett Sills and Amanda Renee from Arkansas experienced exactly this. The parents welcomed their third child named Brynlee in July – and they chose to immortalize the moment in a truly special way.

Brett, who stood by his love Amanda at the hospital, was present throughout the entire birthing process. In photos that Amanda later shared, he can be seen standing close to her, providing support through the challenging ordeal.

However, it’s not Amanda herself who is the focal point now that the couple’s birthing experience has gone viral.

No, it’s father Brett who has garnered the reactions of thousands after the birthing photos were shared on Facebook. In the pictures, Brett’s expression appears slightly skeptical and disgusted as their baby girl is being born.

When their child finally emerges, he gazes at the little infant with a hint of dismay.

Witnessing the birth of his child up close seems to have left him somewhat traumatized.

“I don’t know, I was just shocked,” Brett told 21 Alive News.

Facebook | Amanda Renee

His array of expressions during the childbirth didn’t escape the notice of mom Amanda. After all, it was she who shared the pictures of Brett, and she humorously describes being thoroughly amused by his grimaces.

“We didn’t even look at them until I got back into the room, and I was like ‘I have to post these,’” she says.

But that wasn’t all. She didn’t just share the pictures on social media; Amanda also mentioned that she planned to have the photos printed and framed.

And the birthing photos became a huge hit on social media.

Thousands have liked the post, and several are commenting in the thread about how entertained they are by the pictures.

“And that’s exactly why when my husband wanted to ‘watch,’ I squeezed my legs together and told him that if he didn’t stand by my side and stop staring, I wouldn’t push,” one person writes.

“Oh my goodness, he’s traumatized,” another person comments.


These pictures will surely become a memorable addition to the family album. Thank you for sharing this incredible moment with us!