Father who fought to be with daughter battling COVID-19 asks for prayers after teen suffers setback

Charlee Swearingen has been battling COVID-19 since the end of September, and like so many, her fight has been incredibly difficult.

Now her father is asking for even more prayers after a setback which will include her being eased back on to a ventilator.

Update 10/06/20 So the chest tubes they put in pulled off over two liters of blood and some fluid. In doing so her…

Gepostet von Kevin Swearingen am Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2020

Hundreds of people first became aware of the 16-year-old’s fight when her father Kevin Swearingen posted on Facebook that he wasn’t allowed to be by his daughter’s side at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.

But after a week of showing up beneath her window and questioning the hospital’s visitor policy, the hospital revised their policy to allow patients who were positive for COVID-19 to have two visitors with them.

“You put yourself in someone else shoes just for a few minutes, and understand the pain and anguish they are feeling in a situation like this, it will definitely change your mind,” Swearingen said. 

Kevin has previously stated that being by his daughter’s side is critical to her recovery, especially now as she recently suffered a setback.

He shared that Charlee’s lungs are “still full of gunk,” even after doctors put chest tubes in to drain the blood and fluid, which was possibly caused by damage from the ventilator.

In a Facebook post he shared that doctors plan to slowly wake her up, she’s currently on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), so they can put her back on a ventilator.

“They need that to happen to get the the nasty stuff out of her lungs. Right now they can’t get that stuff out and the medicine in. So this is a big step and a very important week.”

They are fixing to do a very dangerous procedure on Charlee. This is the reason that they finale let me in. Please pray…

Gepostet von Kevin Swearingen am Montag, 28. September 2020

Let’s all join together and pray for Charlee this week. She has had an extremely difficult time battling this horrible virus. Both she and her family need our prayers.

Share this and urge everyone you know to send their well-wishes to Charlee.