Florida governor announces bars and nightclubs will close for 30 days after spring breakers crowd beaches

While many are adhering to government and health officials’ advice to stay indoors, there’s a number of people in Florida, specifically Clearwater Beach who paid no attention to the guidelines set in place.

Images from the beach on Monday showed the shoreline packed and many people in the water. As pictures and video made their way online, those who were taking every precaution possible called out those who posed a risk to the public.

Perhaps it was the only time someone sitting behind a screen was allowed to comment on the actions of another…

Since then, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has ordered all bars and nightclubs in the state closed for 30 days. The number of people allowed on a beach will also be limited and those who do go to the beach must practice social distancing. However, local authorities are able to close beaches.

“We view that as something that could be problematic for the spread the virus. If they’re not meeting in these big groups, the chance that they will pass it on is less,” he said. “I think the steps we’re taking will really reduce density, reduce crowds.”

While bars and nightclubs will be closed, restaurants can remain open. They must limit their capacity and stagger their customers throughout. Restaurant employees must be checked for any sign of illness.

The governor’s orders follows several other states, including New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, which jointly banned large crowds as the tri-state area saw COVID-19 cases rise above 1,000 on March 16.

Is it too little too late? As of publication there are 173 cases in Florida, with a high concentration in South Florida.

If you haven’t already acted, now is the time. Stay home, if you are able. Practice social distancing and follow the guidelines provided to you by your state and local officials.

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