Former college volleyball stars and their daughters, aged 12, killed in car crash

Two former college volleyball stars have been killed in a fatal car crash in Missouri along with their 12-year-old daughters, according to reports.

CNN say Carrie Urton McCaw, 44, and her daughter Kacey McCaw, 12, and Lesley Drury Prather, 44, and her daughter, Rhyan Prather, 12, all died in the head-on crash on Friday near Lake Saint Louis.

As per reports, the quartet were on their way to a weekend club volleyball tournament in Kansas City when the accident happened. A statement on the Louisville Cardinals reads that their minivan and another car was struck by a pickup truck.

The driver of the pickup isn’t thought to have suffered life-threatening injuries, while the two people in the other car involved in the collision suffered no injuries.

Both Prather and McCaw became household names in the college volleyball scene during the 90s. Prather played for the Cardinals at the University of Louisville from 1998 to 2001, leading her team to three conference championships, four NCAA appearances and a Sweet Sixteen appearance. She had joined the Louisville Metro Fire Department four years ago.

McCaw, meanwhile, played her volleyball at Syracuse from 1994 to 1997. The university said in a statement that she was team captain in her senior year.

Rest in peace to the four souls who lost their lives in this tragic accident. We’re sending all our prayers to the affected families.

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