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Girl is heartbroken when she doesn’t get a gift – then Santa pulls off his beard and reveals the secret

For many people, Christmas is the best time of the year. Houses are lit up in festive colors, trees are decorated with shiny ornaments, and heavenly music fills the air, making an otherwise dark time of the year a little brighter.

It’s a time when we eat well, exchange presents, and hopefully have a few days off to spend time with our families…

But it’s not always happy for everyone. Especially when a beloved family member can’t make it home for the holidays.

Bethany Arnold knew she’d be spending another Christmas without her father. He was serving in Iraq and had only been able to spend two weeks with Bethany during the previous two years.

But Bethany knew her that her dad thought about her all the time, and he carried a heart that she had given him everywhere he went.

Before Christmas, Bethany and her classmates were asked to write was a letter to Santa.

While her classmates asked for the year’s must-have toys, Bethany only wanted one thing: to have her dad home for Christmas.

Soon after, Santa visited Bethany’s classroom, and her classmates got exactly what they wished for.

Bethany understood that her wish was difficult to fulfill, though, and resigned herself to another year without her dad.

But still, Bethany decided to make one last request to Santa. With tears in her eyes, Bethany asked Santa if he could bring her beloved father home for Christmas.

Santa looked her in the eye and gave her something that she had previously given her dad—her heart.

Bethany was surprised, but it was nothing compared to how she felt when Santa took off his beard and Bethany saw who he really was.

For me, this is exactly what Christmas is all about—being with the ones you love the most.

Watch a video of how it all happened below. I couldn’t hold back the tears when I saw this fabulous reunion.

Christmas should be filled with joy. Please share this video if you also wish that no one is alone this Christmas.

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