Girl With Cancer Waves At These Builders Every Day. Their Response Melted My Heart.

Few things touch the heart as much as young children affected by cancer. That certainly applies to 2-year-old Vivian Keith. The toddler’s struggle against the disease is really something no family should have to go through. All forms of support and compassion are really significant in such situations.

Construction workers serve an important role in society. They work hard physically, building all those things around us that we often take for granted. Recently, a couple of American construction workers were working on a campus renewal project at a hospital in St. Louis, USA — and that is how this heartwarming story began.  

Every morning, two-year-old Vivian waved at the construction workers from her hospital window at the children’s hospital across the road. She was, like many other children might be, totally fascinated by the action that went on at the construction site. Little Vivian would wave at the tough builders, not giving up until they waved back.

And the construction workers naturally could not resist waving back at the sweet girl. Then one day, they decided to take their response further.

“I often thought about her (Vivian) and my own children. It made me realize how precious life is,” welder Greg Combs said.

So here is what little Vivian and her family saw when she looked out of her window one dayÖ

Naturally, the family was moved by the construction workers’ attention to their little girl’s plight. And they at last got to meet.

When I saw what these iron workers did, it honestly warmed my soul. It’s really an example of a small gesture that can make everyday life a bit easier for cancer patients and their families.

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Watch the full moving report on Vivian and what the construction workers did for her:

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